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Bringing out your dog’s inner-Maserati through backyard training

ArtAndDogBlog wrote:

By this time, we’ve all heard the agility training analogy: “Learning how to drive in a parking lot, then on side roads…” Starting slowly and gradually adding speed seemed so logical that I never questioned it… until recently. What made me question it was an observation I had made about my 3 year old dog, Lil. Keeping with the driving/car analogy, Lil had always run agility like a Volvo XC. She was solid, reliable, and equally comfortable on winding mountain roads and highways. But between the ages of 2 and 3, Lil’s inner Maserati started to kick in and she began to falter. It looked to me like she did not know HOW to drive her new race car. A few days ago I was thinking about Silvia Trkman’s training methods and a very different driving analogy came to mind that makes as much sense to me as the “learning to drive in a parking lot” analogy. Silvia’s “Speed First” is like sliding into the driver’s seat of a Maserati and pressing the pedal to the metal but doing so in a wide open and thus totally safe environment and then gradually adding typical driving challenges within that open space. That fun thought inspired me to write a post about backyard training because I did 90% of Silvia’s AF course work in my backyard with 5 jumps and a tunnel.

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