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The Dog Agility Blog Action Day for Wednesday March 2nd, 2016 was on the topic:


Three letters that some people in our sport may have lost track of. There is a lot of focus on foundation, cues, systems, training, etc. So much pressure to do everything exactly “right”.

We want to provide balance, even argue against the “common wisdom”. The topic of FUN! will be taken so many ways: fun training, fun toys, fun games to play with your dog, with your club members, with other people at trials, fun courses, fun outfits to wear in team games. Anything that can lighten up the training or trialing experience.

It’s an Action Day – a day to call people to action – a day to help people embrace the topic – a day to help people be just a little bit better… a little bit more FUN!

If you are a dog agility blogger please join us for future events!

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